About Mike


SGT. Mike Lawson is demanding, inspiring, knowledgeable, athletic, and tireless. He is an experienced leader who successfully coaches people to overcome their own obstacles, achieve goals, and tap the power within. He is a master at combining just the right elements of old school gym class, real military basic training, and highly effective functional training in his classes and coaching programs. Between the groans and the sweat, there is plenty of laughter in his classes.

People say they view life a little differently after spending time in one of Mike’s classes.

Mike’s wealth of high-level experience in his personal, athletic, and military history makes Specialty Athletic Programming one of Mike’s strongest assets. His cutting edge training classes, such as the Boot Camp series, Island of Fortitude, Ski and Sports Conditioning, and Strength and Conditioning are all unmatched in excellence to any others found in local area clubs and well beyond.

Mike created and runs the substantial basketball program at the Redmond Athletic Club, providing league play that includes professional refereeing, stat keeping, and twice as much game play as other, comparable leagues. Mike’s own noteworthy basketball resume and personal passion for basketball fuels this program to be one the top in the area. He offers professional level coaching, from fourth grade up through NBA level. Mike is heavily involved in Seattle’s professional NBA and WNBA programs.

Mike’s notable history and program highlights include:

* Bootcamp I, Bootcamp II, and Bootcamp At Sunrise. Eves and at sunrise: March through summer
* Island Of Fortitude. August
* Tot Sports with Coach Mike – ongoing sessions
* Ski & Sport Conditioning class: Tuesdays and Thursday evenings; fall through winter
* Strength and Conditioning class: Tuesdays and Fridays at noon at the RAC


* Sonics Kids Camps and Special Events – ongoing
* Tot Sports at the RAC – ongoing sessions
* Sports themed birthday parties for youths at the RAC- ongoing


* Private basketball coaching for kids; 4th grade to high school, college to NBA/WNBA players
* Current member of the WNBA practice team of men that practices against the Seattle Storm team
* Played basketball in Germany on an all-Army basketball team.1987-1989
* In 1996, played in the Magic Johnson Fila Pro League. This is a sanctioned NBA summer league
* All state high school basketball player in Massachusetts
* Player of the year for central Massachusetts


* Served in the U.S. Army as a recon commando; 1986-1994